We’ve collaborated with beauty & creative director Alessandra Steinherr on her very own brow edit.

I approach looking after my brows, the same way as looking after my skin – I have a morning and an evening routine. The route to healthy, groomed brows В (regardless of whether yours are naturally slender or full), is about using the right products at the right time. I like a pared-back, easy system that delivers flawless results with a natural finish.

In the mornings, I’ll use my Ultimate Arch Definer В to perfect and enhance my brow-shape. Before an evening out, I’ll amp up my eyes with Ultra Fine Liquid Eyeliner and before bedtime, I love Nourishing Brow Oil. These are simple steps that fit into my busy lifestyle and slot in perfectly with my skincare and makeup products. I hope you enjoy my 24/7 edit and make brows an integral part of your beauty regimen!

Love A x