When it comes to glamour – the Oscars is the event of the year. At Blink Brow Bar our eyes were locked at the glowing skin, smokey eyes and flawless brows. The Blink Brow Bar head of training, Jaimineey Patel has given her tips & tricks for getting Oscar worthy brows.

Lady Gaga

“For this groomed brow look I’d suggest using the BBB London Ultimate Arch Definer and the BBB London Styling Gel in Clove. Using the tip of the Ultimate Arch Definer, start filling in the brows from the front of the brow to the tip using upwards strokes. Finish by sweeping the Styling Gel through.”


Jennifer Lopez

“For Jennifer Lopez’s sultry makeup look I’d apply the BBB London Smokey Kajal Pencil over the lids and smudge using the sponge. Use the BBB London Ultra Slim Definer in Indian Chocolate throughout the brow. Start by gently fill in the gaps from the start of the brow until the tip. Finish by combing the brow hair to create more texture.”


Gemma Chan

“Gemma had a stunning cat eye. To recreate this look at home I’d use the BBB London Ultra Fine Liquid Eyeliner. Run the liner along the lash line then wing it out at the edges. To create the sleek brow look apply the BBB London Ultra Slim Definer in Indian Chocolate to gently to fill in brows using upward strokes, bring the product to the end of the brows by elongating the tale. Finish by a quick swipe of BBB London Brow Styling Gel to set the hair in place.”


Brie Larson

“Brie’s brows have a nice soft focus to look to them. You could achieve this look by using the BBB London Brow Sculpting Pomade in Chai and the BBB London Sculpting Brush, gently create upward strokes starting at the tip of the brow. Carry this movement through the brows, gradually getting thicker in the middle and elongating the tail. Finish by brushing through with the BBB London Brow Tamer.”


Emma Stone

“Emma is a beautiful warm brunette so I’d match her with our Indian Chocolate shade. To create her brow look use the BBB London Brow Build to brush brows upwards and gently brush back into place. The Brow Build contains micro fibres which mimic brow hairs to give a thicker, fuller look.”