Pencilling brows in a shade that is too dark or even too light for your skin and hair tones can often prevent you from making the best out of your brow's natural shape. When filled naturally, eyebrows can complement your features, awaken your complexion and bring the perfect finishing touches to your ultimate make up look. Being aware that not every eyebrow should be shaded in the same colour, Blink Brow Bar pride themselves on their extensive collection of shades, so that you can seamlessly match your skin tone and hair colour to your eyebrows. Their shades work simply by enhancing your natural colour, filling in any eyebrow patches and uplifting your overall appearance. This guide will assist you in choosing your ideal shade because everyone deserves to have #browgoals.

Discovering your Skin's Undertone

Just as matching a foundation, it's important to consider your skin's undertones when finding your go-to eyebrow shade. Some skin shades have more yellow undertones (olive skin, dark skin or skin that bronzes easily in the sun) that will warrant a warmer brow colour, whereas if you have pinker, paler tones to your skin (you burn easily and rarely tan) you are at the cooler end of the colour spectrum with greyer and blonder hues being your best matched shade. Some skin tones can be a total mixture of the two, making you a more neutral brow shade candidate. If you do have more neutral tones, your colour choice will depend on the type of look you prefer – darker shades can contribute to a more dramatic, refined look whereas subtle, lighter shades keep it clean and natural.

Assess your Hair Colour

Your eyebrows tend to be the same shade and/or colour (or very similar) as your natural hair, so finding an eyebrow pencil or tool that likens to your hair colour will mean that you're well on the way to finding something that suits you. Of course, finding a shade that's the exact match of your hair colour isn't always as simple as it sounds so here's how to find your new fave BBBL colour:

Blonde Hair

Being blonde is a tricky one, particularly if you're very fair, because if you pencilled your eyebrows the same colour, their shape likely wouldn't stand out at all. The trick for blondes who still want defined brows is to stay within a shade of the darkest part of your hair (usually the roots) so that you can still get that much needed definition. If you prefer something slightly bolder, you can probably go down a shade again and still avoid your brows looking fake. Our recommended shades for blonde hair are: Chai and Sandalwood.

Dark Brown/Black Hair

With a dark brown hair colour, going for an exact match can result in well-defined, shapely brows that have just the right amount of stand out power, against your complexion. However, matching your eyebrows exactly to black hair can put you into the danger zone of fake looking brows which is never a good look. Choosing a medium brow shade with a warm undertone will help you find that perfect middle ground between too dark and too light eyebrows.

For dark brown/black hair we recommend our Indian chocolate or clove product shades.

Red and Auburn Hair

It's no secret that this is probably the most difficult shade to match eyebrows to. This is because it's rare that there are any shades available that liken to your hair's reddish tones. Blink Brow Bar has two beautiful shades that match auburn hair and ginger skin tones perfectly, without your brows appearing too bright or orange against your fiery hair colour. For beautiful, naturally red brows, pencil lightly and define your arches with our Cinnamon and Saffron shaded products.