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Vanita Parti, Blink Brow Bar founder

Browsing 2021 - A Year in Review

Happy New Year to all our wonderful customers. As the Blink Founder, the past 2 years have been super challenging. 2021 seems almost little dreamlike as it is hard to remember when we were open and when we were closed. The first question that people still ask is how did we survive such a challenging time?
4 Fashion Week brow trends you should know about…

4 Fashion Week brow trends you should know about…

Every season, the four major fashion weeks offer up a veritable feast of brow inspiration.

Some looks are pretty OTT, the kind of weird and wonderful creations that we’ve come to expect from the catwalks. But sometimes the world’s backstage make-up artists conjure up trends that are actually pretty wearable – the kind you could imagine trying out for yourself without the risk of raising a few... (ahem) eyebrows.