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BBBLondon Brow Grooming Kit

Tweeze, trim and tame to style unruly brows at home. £49 Value (Saving 14!)

Keep brows perfected between appointments with our handy grooming kit that can tweeze, trim and style brows at home or on the move. Including our famous tweezers, precision scissors and soft tamer brush, this is the ultimate trio that will ensure your brows stay looking great for longer.

STEP ONE Brush up brows with tamer. 

STEP TWO Tweeze excess hair by pulling in direction of growth. 

STEP THREE Brush up brows and trim hair poking above brow line with Brow Scissors.

The gift that will make DIY attempts a piece of cake. This brow 

perfecting kit includes a brow tamer brush, angled tweezers 

and curved grooming scissors to help those who desperately crave 

a salon visit a chance to hold on a while longer'

Telegraph 2021