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BBBLondon Super Grip Tweezers

Angled tip tweezers engineered with extra grip for fuss-free plucking.

Best for brows that need between-treatment upkeep. For brow hairs that pop up unexpectedly.

They may be the cornerstone of any home brow maintenance kit, but not all tweezers are created equally. Ergonomically designed to ensure hassle-free hair removal, BBBLondon’s Super Grip Tweezers present a new generation of brow tools.

Made from high grade stainless steel, the slight curve helps you reach trickier spots, while the angled tip helps you pinpoint unwanted hairs with precision. Then – and this is key – the blades have been engineered with extra grip to ensure each hair is properly plucked from the root rather than snapped off.

Tweeze in the direction of hair growth to avoid hair breakage. Clean tweezers after each use

'It's easy to think you can skimp on tweezers, but they are not all created equally. These tweezers, made from the experts at BlinkBrowBar are stainless steel and slightly curved to make it easier to reach difficult spots. They grip even the finest hairs without breakage.'

Sarah Jossel,
Sunday Times Style. October 2020