Our cult favourites Nourishing Brow Oil and Luscious Lash Oil are overnight treatments to condition and repair while-you-sleep.


Conditioning and repairing are a key part of your brow routine and with our fantastic nourishing products, you can ensure that your brows are not only well groomed but are also well looked after and in a healthy condition. Our best-selling nourishing brow oil is an overnight treatment which uses key vitamins and minerals such as almond and rosemary oil to strengthen brows as you sleep, resulting in thick, luscious brows, perfect for shaping, defining and styling. The oil also promotes continued growth and is designed to combat thin and sparse brows. At Blink Brow Bar, we recognise the importance of healthy brows so have designed a product that works hard to ensure yours are in the best condition possible.
Although brow definers and styling palettes help massively towards helping your brows look their best, nourishing them is also essential to achieving your best eyebrow shape. In the same way, you’ll find your lashes look super full and curly when they have been conditioned with our fantastic lash oil, again using key vitamins and minerals to ensure you are getting the absolute best out of your beauty routine. Not forgetting the importance of your complexion, our gorgeous new Rosewater mist and hydrating Rosewater gel uses the power of minerals and the cooling elements of cucumber to ensure your skin is hydrated, refreshed and glowing with youth. All of our nourish range will help you in creating the perfect base for whichever way you decide to style those brows!