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Fine Brows

Whether you’re looking to add thickness to thinning brows or you’re looking to add to the shape and colour of your natural brows, browse through our services and product pages for everything you need for flawless brows. Some women tend to experience thinning hair as they approach the menopause but women of any age can experience thinning hair and brows due to a number of factors. Stress is a massive cause of thinning hair and if you’re experiencing this try & look into ways of reducing anything that is causing stress in your life. To promote healthy and strong hair, maintain a vitamin, keratin and protein rich diet and ensure you nourish your brows with our hydrating brow oil.

 One of the best brow products to use when you have fine brows is our best-selling brow oil. This nourishing treatment helps to strengthen the individual hairs while also encouraging hair growth. Fine, thin or gradually thinning brows can also benefit from threading and tinting, especially if your hair is light. Tinting light fine brows can help to add more definition and allows your brows to frame your face. Using brow products such as Brow Build can match your natural hair colour can also help to add more thickness to thin brows and give the illusion of full and flawless brows (as it contains microfibre hairs and adds volume). Find everything you need to improve the appearance of fine and thinning brows thanks to our online collection.

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