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Patchy Brows

One of the most common concerns we hear from customers is about their sparse and patchy eyebrows. If you have patchy eyebrows, you can be tempted to try to conceal the issue first by using a brow crème or pencil and fill in your brows thickly. For best results, we always recommend that you begin with our best-selling brow oil to first nourish and condition your brows. Our brow oil includes sweet almond oil, rosemary oil and lavender to calm the skin around the eyebrows, as well as strengthen the existing brow hairs and encourage more hairs to grow. After you have nourished your sparse brows, you’re now ready to apply cosmetics to achieve flawless brows every day.

Our brow gels feature ingredients such as Panthenol, to nourish and strengthen brows, and to help build colour, while holding your brows in place. Our brow Pomades feature a beautiful matte finish and can help to create shape and definition with patchy brows. The buildable texture helps to keep your brows looking flawless day and night. Our Brow Definers are ideal for on-the-go touch ups. Imitate brow hairs by drawing light lines in the same direction as the natural hair growth and achieve a full and beautiful brow look in minutes. The Ultimate Arch Definer is our best seller and perfect for filling and shaping, with a unique blender. Finally the Brow Build and Tinted Brow Gel help keep brows in place while dying them to fill any patches.

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