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Overplucked Brows

Eyebrows help to shape and sculpt the face as well as draw attention to the eyes. Brows are key to balancing the features on your face so it is important to get it right.  If overplucked, make a conscious effort to grow the brows out as much as possible. The middle of the brows is always the toughest part. It is important to get the length right as well as the position of the arch. You can do a simple measurement with a pencil at home. Place a pencil at the bridge of your nose, upwards and where it hits the eye is where the brow should start. Then take the same pencil and place it so that it cuts across your iris, this is where the arch should be placed. Finally, take the pencil and pivot it from the bridge of your nose to the end of the end of your eye. Where it hits the eyebrow, is where your brow should end.

Great in theory, we know. However, you can get there with product, if not with growth. Start with diet and growth to encourage hair re-growth, use our nourishing and best-selling brow oil, completely natural and with Rosemary to stimulate hair growth and Almond Oil to moisturise. Then, use a Concealer to mark the boundaries of your brows and never pluck within these boundaries! Finally fill missing hair with a Brow Definer. The precision tip will mimic tiny hair and fill gaps. The Brow Build swept over the whole brow will then add volume (with micro fibre hair) and slick the brows into shape.

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