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Uneven Brows

If your eyebrows aren’t quite even when it comes to shape and thickness, you’re not alone. Uneven eyebrows are perfectly usual and so easily fixed. A little product on the brows can help to conceal any gaps as well as define the brows’ natural shape. To treat sparse brows between treatments, use our best-selling overnight Nourishing Brow Oil. The formula helps to strengthen and condition your natural hairs and encourage growth. Our Ultra Slim Brow Definer, is the perfect place to start to fill in any missing hairs or gaps and make both brows look as even as possible. Match your natural brow colour with our brow Pomade and blend into your brows seamlessly, leaving a beautiful matte polished finish.  The anti-smudge consistency helps to keep your brows looking flawless all day long. Finally, the Brow Tinted Gel will hold the brows into place and add colour across the whole brow to further even out. Threading can also help to give natural or unruly brows some shape and definition, especially while you are giving your brows time to grow and become thicker. Unlike waxing, threading is typically less painful and lasts much longer than a brow wax, approximately 3-4 weeks. 

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