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Brows perfected and defined to enhance the natural eye shape and frame your face. Have a thorough consultation with our experts who will guide you through your preferred dream brow before shaping them to your desired arch. You will be shown how to apply the brow pomade using the sculpting brush so you can create the look on your big day.

Lashes lifted, curled to created a natural flutter. A Lash lifted will add an illusion of length and open up your eyes, defining the lashes in shape. Longer lashes will love the lash curl to give you a fuller appearance and widen the eyes. All you need on the day is a touch of mascara for added volume.

Brow pinching massage using Ayurvedic principles will awaken the senses, relax and uplift all at the same time. Feeling stressed? Then this treatment will help ease any tension, remove toxin build up and relax the brow muscles by circulating the blood flow around the eyes. Feel ready for your big day with a sense of well being.