Ultimate Brow Arch Definer Saffron

Ultimate Brow Arch Definer Saffron

Frame brows effortlessly with the triangular-shaped pencil for ultra precise application with a unique oval brush for blending.


BBB London want to make the art of defining your brows easy, stress free and part of every woman’s (and men’s!) daily beauty routines.

Sharpen your arches with THE ULTIMATE ARCH DEFINER: a K-beauty technology design breakthrough. The triangular-tipped pencil allows for ergonomic application, precise definition and a velvety formula that glides on with no artistry skill required.

The unique 2-in-1 pencil also debuts a first-to-market baby kabuki brow brush for blending. The super-soft fibres in the brush make blending and buffing your brow makeup foolproof for a soft-focus finish.

Designed with a blend of waxes and emollients to be long-lasting, sweat and humidity-resistant yet completely weightless.

Available in 7 wide-ranging shades:

Sandalwood - Light Blonde
Chai - Medium/Dark Blonde
Cinnamon - Dark Blonde/Light Brown
Saffron - Red/Auburn 
Indian Chocolate - Warm Brown
Clove - Cool Brown
Cardamom - Dark Brown/Black

Vegan, Paraben-free and cruelty-free


Shades Available
Sandalwood Ultimate Brow Arch Definer Sandalwood
Chai Ultimate Brow Arch Definer Chai
Cinnamon Ultimate Brow Arch Definer Cinnamon
Indian Chocolate Ultimate Brow Arch Definer Indian Chocolate
Clove Ultimate Brow Arch Definer Clove
Cardamom Ultimate Brow Arch Definer Cardamom
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