Thread Talks: Rosie Green

Thread Talks: Rosie Green

Join Founder of Blink Brow Bar, Vanita Parti, as she talks with inspirational entrepreneurs across beauty, lifestyle and beyond, uncovering their paths to success and the challenges along the way. Everyone has a brow story, let's unravel it.
Vanita is joined on the brow sofa by award-winning journalist and author, Rosie Green. Best known for her sharing her relationship and beauty advice in You Magazine, as well as on daytime TV show This Morning, Rosie details her heartbreak and healing in her best-selling book, How To Heal A Broken Heart.


After navigating a marriage break up, Rosie shares her expert advice for facing challenging times in our relationships, the importance of good friends, and learning to love yourself. From first date make-up to youthful brows, Rosie shares her paired-back beauty routine and the products she can't be without.


Q: As author of How To Heal A Broken Heart, why did you feel it was an important book to write?

When I wrote for Red magazine about my husband leaving me I was inundated with messages from other women who had experienced, or were experiencing, something similar and who said reading my piece made them feel less alone. It inspired me to write the book because I realised there was a need to talk about heartbreak and infidelity openly.  Many people shy away from documenting their experience because they feel ashamed, or feel it might impact their children or that it’ll invoke retribution from their ex.  I know that by sharing my story I have given practical healing strategies, comfort and hope to so many. And in turn that helps me feel good. 

Q: What’s the best advice you ever received when going through a break-up?

That all the cliche’s are true.  Time heals. It’s about them not you. This too shall pass.  Oh and get a dog. That’s the best one. 

Q: Congratulations on your new beauty column in You Magazine! What’s a beauty topic you can’t wait to write about?

So many! I was beauty director at Elle and Red in my 20’s and 30’s and now I’m returning to the industry in my late 40’s  and I love the industry as much as ever. I want to make people feel good so I’ll be spreading the word about all the tricks and treatments that deliver a confidence boost.  Last week I had Blink’s lash tint and curl and it’s a game changer.

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