Our Story


BBB London stands for brow individuality – your brows your way. With over eighteen years of experience shaping 20 million brows, we are the market leader in brow bars with over 25 salons across the UK, New York and Paris. While we believe a great pair of brows can transform the architecture of the face, their power isn’t solely aesthetic – it’s emotional. The first business to bring the ancient Indian art of threading to the masses, our treatments are designed to feel deeply restorative, like brow therapy, meaning our clients rise from the salon chair with a renewed confidence and sense of self.


“Eighteen years ago, I decided that women in London needed help with their brows. I’d been threading my eyebrows since age thirteen when my mother marched me to a local beauty salon in Delhi. Years later, I struggled to find a trusted threading service in London, which might have been why brow maintenance was a low priority in the UK.

It would become my mission to put great brows on the map for British Women. Enter Blink Brow Bar
." - Vanita, BBBLondon Founder


We’ve funnelled our expertise into a 17-strong range of efficient and easy-to-use products that arm you with the tools to bring out the best in your brows every morning. Functional, foolproof and containing a selective edit of high-quality ingredients that transform and take care of brows and lashes. A ritual for brows is as essential as a ritual for the skin, so we tap into the heritage of threading and brow care so you can get the best out of yours. We like to set trends rather than follow them and resolve issues – replacing them with new routines.

At the time, threading was a completely unchartered territory; I knew it would take the industry by storm as eyebrows were an after-thought but so important. We needed to show people what a difference groomed eyebrows made with shaping and products.



20 million groomed eyebrows later and the addition of the award-winning brow, lash & colour product line, we remain the authority to help you find your brow identity.


Blink are proud to support charities close to their heart.


Butterflies - a charity based in Delhi, set up by Rita Paniker, that supports street kids, through mobile education, shelters, crisis phone lines and transit homes. Vanita felt touched when visiting the transit shelter in Delhi by the number of children who had lost their family through trafficking, abuse or simply travelling for work and needed support to find them again.



Future Dreams – a charity set up to support women going through Breast Cancer. Close to our hearts as hair loss can be a debilitating part of this journey and our mission is to help women recover confidence through rebuilding their eyebrows.



Beauty Backed - Vanita is on the Advisory Board to help to support those that have struggled during Lockdown and need financial help to rebuild their businesses.