Thread Talks: Susannah Taylor

Thread Talks: Susannah Taylor

Join Founder of Blink Brow Bar, Vanita Parti, as she talks with inspirational entrepreneurs across beauty, lifestyle and beyond, uncovering their paths to success and the challenges along the way. Everyone has a brow story, let's unravel it.

Joining Vanita on the brow sofa is Susannah Taylor. Award-winning beauty and wellbeing editor, formerly writing for Vogue and Glamour before founding health & beauty platform, Get The Gloss, Susannah has more recently launched The Glow Gazette, a newsletter made for the Modern Midlifer, with topics spanning wellness, beauty and lifestyle.

Speaking with Vanita, Susannah shares her top-tips for a healthy lifestyle, the brow trends that are here to stay, and her go-to products for looking and feeling your best as a 'Midlifer'.

Q: As a beauty journalist, what’s the beauty tip you most regularly share with others?

Simplify your skincare regime - it’s better to have less, good quality products than hundreds of ones that don’t work. I don't believe we need to overload the skin, I feel we need to allow skin to breathe. I have also found that my skin actually looks better and more glowy when using less. Plus who has time for a 10 step routine?!

Q: Your newsletter, The Glow Gazette, is for the modern mid-lifer. Tell us about the inspiration behind it, and what we can expect.


I have been a beauty and wellbeing editor for over 20 years and I think my greatest learning is that glow doesn’t come from the outside, it also comes mostly from the inside. I’m not just talking about nutrition (although that’s incredibly important too), but also what lights us up from within. Wellbeing isn’t just about goji berries and HIIT workouts, it’s about what feeds our soul and there is never a more important time for this than at midlife when we go through so much change mentally, physically and spiritually.  And so The Glow Gazette is about beauty and wellbeing from the inside and out. It’s skin, soul and sanity. Sign up at

Q: What advice would you give to budding journalists looking to make a name for themselves in the beauty industry?

The beauty landscape is a very different area since I started out, but I would say the following:

 -  Write meaningful articles.We live in a world where everyone thinks they are an ‘influencer’ and there is a lot of noise. I always say to my kids ‘don’t put anything up online unless you have something decent to say’ 

- Don’t follow the crowd. 

- Be you

- Be pleasant to people everywhere you go (noone likes a diva). 

- Do your research

- Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions, especially if you dont understand 

 - You never stop learning, you never have things nailed

- Check over your copy and check it again the next morning before filing

 - Do not punctuate your copy with exclamation marks 

 - The best piece of advice I ever got given was from Alex Shulman the then editor to Vogue she said ‘Write from you, in your voice, as if you were speaking. Don’t write the way you think something should be written."

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