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BBBLondon Brow Sculpting Brush

The Perfect tool for adding product to the brows. Fold-away angled brush for flawless brow makeup application.

The perfect partner to the Brow Sculpting Pomade, the BBB London Brow Sculpting Brush has been carefully designed with firm, yet soft bristles, to give you easy precision to achieve your desired shape and to protect your brow area. The slanted brush features a tapered point to sculpt eyebrows of all shapes and sizes, while the foldaway design protects the brush and keeps it clean and compact.


Use with Brow Sculpting Pomade, apply light strokes to distribute colour evenly. Use the tapered point to define the arch and the eyebrow tail.

"With short, dense bristles, this angled tool is choice for applying and keeping in place thicker pomades or wax-based products. It gives you perfect control for creating the short strokes of color that will help define and shape your brows. Worth noting: Wiping off any leftover product after each use helps maintain the integrity of the bristles."