5 Best Brow Looks From The 2020 Golden Globes

5 Best Brow Looks From The 2020 Golden Globes

From Zoe Kravitz' Strong statement brow to Lucy Boynton's ultra fluffy finish, these 5 brow looks stole the show before the 2020 Golden Globes even started. Scroll to get the low down on how we would achieve each look.


Step 1 - Using Ultimate Arch Definer, outline the brow from the arch to the end

Step 2 - Fill in the outline

Step 3 - Finish by drawing upwards hairline strokes from the front of the brow to the outline - this is best achieved using the tip of the pencil.


Step 1 - Starting at the root of the brow draw small light upward strokes along the brow line

Step 2 - Continue the motion to the tip of the brow

Step 3 - Finish the brows with Clear Brow Gloss with to room and hold brows in place.


Step 1 - Brush brows upwards with spoolie

Step 2 - Using slim definer fill in spare areas of your brow with light upwards strokes

Step 3 - Finishing by brushing brows upwards with clear brow gloss to set in place.


Step 1 - Using Ultimate Arch Definer in Cardamom , starting at the front of the brow fill in the brow using upward strokes 

Step 2 - Blend with the dual ended brush 

Step 3 - Finish by brushing the brows through with brow build in Clove to add texture and to set the brows.



Step 1 - Using Brow Pomade and a Sculpting Brush gently collect some product onto the brush. 

Step 2  Start applying the Pomade on your brows from a quarter of an inch from the beginning of the brow in gentle hairline strokes towards the direction of growth. Build as required. 

Step 3 Brush through with a Brow Tamer.

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