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At Home With Blink - DIY Brows

July 25, 2021

At Home With Blink - DIY Brows

I know that we have many things to worry about at the moment and brows may not be a priority but we may need to do a little grooming to keep us personally sane!

I know that we have many things to worry about at the moment and brows may not be a priority but we may need to do a little grooming to keep us personally sane!

I don’t think I have grown my brows out since I was 13 and so this will be an interesting time for me. I would suggest only pluck the desperate rogue brow hairs and create an opportunity for you to start from scratch when you go into store, a blank canvas from which to begin again from. There will be some of you that can’t bear to do this (and I get it)  so here goes with some top tips:


What rules should we follow when it comes to DIY brow shaping?

Firstly you need to map your brows to determine where they should start, arch and end. Just follow the steps below.

  • STEP 1 Simply take a pencil and hold it an angle from the corner of your nose, through the inner corner of your eye - this is where your brows should start.
  • STEP 2 Next, move the pencil to position it from your nose and up through your iris –this is where your arch, the highest point of your brow, should be.
  • STEP 3 Finally hold the pencil from the corner of your nose to the outer corner of the eye, this is where your brows should end.

TOP TIP: It is useful to take a concealer pencil and mark where the boundaries are so you don’t get pluck happy!


Where should we start when shaping our brows?

After you have determined your boundaries as above you should start by using a tamer to brush your brows up and across. This will help you to determine where the excess hairs are for you to remove.

TOP TIP: You may also need to trim longer hairs with nail scissors. If you do, brush the brow hairs up from front of the brows to tail and snip any hairs poking above the brow line.


All prepped and ready, what’s next?

Taking your tweezers in one hand, with the other hand place 2 fingers by the outside of your brow and lightly stretch your skin – this will prevent you catching the skin when you tweeze. Now you can gently tease any stray hairs away using the tweezers – make sure you keep within the guidelines you have drawn and be careful not to pull!

TOP TIP:If you are happy with your existing shape avoid going too close to your brows so you don’t alter this.


Where should you avoid plucking at all times?

The front of your brows take 3 times longer to grow back so take care here and follow the guidelines in point 1!


All done?

Just finish with a swipe of Clear Brow Gloss to tame unruly hairs, hydrate and nourish brows.


What are the best tools to use?

A tamer to brush into shape, tweezers to pluck away stray hairs and Clear Brow Gloss to style brows into shape.


What about tinting?

We don’t recommend this at home but I would suggest the Brow Build Gel in the right shade to add colour, volume and keep your brows in shape in the meantime. Check the shade that is right for you online.


Good luck and we look forward to opening soon and servicing brows!

Vanita x

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