Brow Threading 101

Brow Threading 101

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Get the lowdown on brow threading from our Blink Brow Bar intern Adele.

Threading is the best form of eyebrow care out there. There. I said it. You can try to pluck, wax or (god forbid) shave your brows but the results will never be as clean, sharp and thorough as threading. If you have never visited one of our Blink Brow Bars that are dotted across London and the rest of the UK, here is what to expect.

If you have never had your brows threaded before, don’t be too scared. Of course, it is a form of hair removal, so it is never going to be totally pain free however the results are so worth it, and the pain is definitely manageable.

The therapists lie your chair back and adjust the headrest, so your neck is supported and comfortable, and they ask you to gently hold your eyelid and your forehead to hold the skin taut to avoid catching your skin.

The therapists are expertly trained in this ancient technique hailing originally from Asia, which consists of rolling twisted cotton thread over the hairs which s them out of their follicles in one swipe. The amazing thing about threading versus other forms of eyebrow maintenance is that threading can remove hairs of every length, meaning a completely clean and precise shape with no half-grown hairs that could grow out within a week. Once threaded, your brows won’t need redoing for another 4 weeks on average, longer if you thread regularly and therefore have weakened the hair growth.

The whole process takes around 10 minutes, perhaps even shorter if your brows have been maintained previously or have a guide shape in place. But, don’t let this stop you from booking an appointment if your brows are beginning to spread out across your face more than you’d like, there is nothing threading can’t fix or shape.

Threading tends to be less irritating for your skin than waxing or plucking as it just removes the hair without tugging on your skin. If waxing tends to leave your brows raw or red for longer than you would like (especially if you are going about your day after!), you might find eyebrow threading more suitable.

Therapists at Blink apply Aloe Vera gel after the threading, followed by a soothing, calming massage around your eyes to work in the cooling gel and stimulate blood flow to reduce puffiness and redness. Plus, it feels incredible. If desired, therapists can fill in your brows post treatment with any of our BBB London makeup, meaning that you can spend the rest of your day without worrying about a lack of brow gel holding them down!

If you have sparse brows, thick brows, dark brows, blond brows, dense brows or a monobrow – whatever it is – threading really will change your eyebrow game. Since their launch in October 2004, Blink have threaded over 20 million brows, so you know you are in safe hands.

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