Tint & Groom those brows at home

Tint & Groom those brows at home

The most common question is how to dye the brows a shade darker or cover greys but also how to keep them in shape. Keeping them swept together and lifted, defines the brows, creates an arch and lifts the whole face. Not only that but Brow Gel also helps to shape the brows because lifting them leaves the sporadic brow hairs behind that can be tweezed out without affecting shape. Here are our dying tips...


While we recommend leaving any tips to dye hair to the experts, a good product can do the trick. Brow Sculpting Pomade is perfect for filling in the brows in hair line strokes and elongating the brows to ensure the brows balance your facial features. 


Brow Build Gel is perfect for adding volume, texture but colouring the brow hairs to hide any greys or simply for impact during Zoom calls. 


The Tinted Brow Gel is new and essential for every day self care. Infused with good stuff for the brows, it also adds colour, coverage and hold.

For more tips and tricks...

See shade guide in the BBBlondon blog for shade advice.

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