The Eyebrow Pen: The new addition to your brow arsenal

The Eyebrow Pen: The new addition to your brow arsenal

Build your brow architecture with the BBB London Eyebrow Pen.

Harnessing 20 years of experience shaping, sculpting, threading and tinting, we're thrilled to introduce our latest product innovation for micro feathered, easy brows in a flash.

From brow bar to beauty bag, build your brow architecture with the angled, three-point Eyebrow Pen, arming you with the perfect tool to fill sparse areas and build definition. With three ultra-fine tips and buildable pigment for precision application, each stroke mimics individual brow hairs for a natural finish that rivals that of microblading - without the commitment. 

From the Founder

“Many customers at Blink Brow Bar share that their brows have thinned or are barely there. Many feel a little daunted by the permanence of microblading, so I wanted to introduce a product as an easy alternative, giving the same micro feathered effect with 20-hour wear. The precise Eyebrow Pen with a tri-tipped angled edge replicates the brow hairs in a natural way, making it the perfect tool to recreate brows and build back confidence.”

- Vanita Parti, Blink Brow Bar Founder and CEO.


Long-lasting and durable, the 20-hour smudge resistant formula means that come rain or shine, your brows won’t let you down. Available in two adaptable shades - Chai (Light) and Clove (Dark), the Eyebrow Pen spans the fairest of blonde brows to deep brown black, making it easy to find your perfect match.


Find your match


Just as every face is different, so is each pair of arches. The Eyebrow Pen works with your natural shape and brow density to create your desired structure. From brows that are barely there and need help creating shape, to filling in gaps and building definition on fuller brows, the Eyebrow Pen is the perfect tool for achieving a natural, hair-like finish, whatever your brow goals.


How to use

Shake pen to activate. Apply the Eyebrow Pen to clean, dry skin with light, feathery strokes with the direction of hair growth to achieve a natural, microbladed effect. For a bolder finish, tilt the tip at an angle and apply more pressure.

To get the best out of your Eyebrow Pen, store nib-down to ensure even distribution of pigment into the felt tip. Apply as the first step in your makeup routine to brows that are free from oil, serums or other products to achieve a crisp, hair-like effect.


Complete the routine

1. Prep sparse brows and encourage natural hair growth with Brow Boost Serum, best used every evening.

2. Need help creating your perfect shape? Use the Eyebrow Pen alongside the Eyebrow Stencils for brows that are as simple as A - B - C. Simply stick, map and fill for perfect brows made easy.

3. Finish your brow ritual by setting brows in place with the Clear Brow Gloss for all-day hold and a healthy shine.

The water-based formula is vegan-friendly and PEG-free to maintain brow health with every application.



Shop the BBB London Eyebrow Pen at and at Blink Brow Bar locations nationwide.

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