The power of Kansa: Kansa Head & Face Massage

The power of Kansa: Kansa Head & Face Massage

Bringing the ancient ritual of Kansa massage to Blink Brow Bar, the Kansa Head & Face Massage combines the unique benefits of the Kansa wand with marma therapy to aid lymphatic detox, release tension and promote energy balance. In 20 blissful minutes, skin is sculpted, shoulders are relaxed and wellbeing is restored. Discover more about the Kansa Head & Face Massage.

Kansa’s history

To appreciate the power of Kansa, we need to revisit the history and traditions of how it was used 5000 years ago in India. The traditional Ayurvedic ritual was to eat and drink from Kansa pots for enhanced gut health – balancing alkaline levels, reducing inflammation, and building the immune system. Storing water in a Kansa vessel as a natural filtration system for alkalising benefits is still common in India today. 

What is a Kansa wand?

A Kansa wand is a dome-shaped wand designed to stimulate blood circulation. The real magic comes from the metal, a combination of copper and tin. Kansa is sacred in Ayurvedic script and known as the ‘healing metal’. It promotes lymphatic drainage, reduces inflammation, and removes toxins.

Energy balancing

We know that massaging the skin helps increase circulation and stimulates blood flow. By adding the Kansa wand to this ritual, we can activate Marma points (vitality points) to increase the flow of Prana (life-force energy) throughout the whole body, balancing the skin's natural pH levels and aiding detoxification and purity.

Beauty benefits

Using the Kansa wand to massage Marma points, we can flush out the lymph nodes and drain the face. This lymphatic detox releases tension and balances energy, while the cooling properties of the wand help remove puffiness. Kansa metal can also increase the skin’s elasticity to reduce wrinkles. When used regularly, circulation around the head is improved, which helps strengthen hair and promotes growth. Plus, this simple technique can alleviate stress and enhance your mood with its grounding, relaxing movements.

What to expect at Blink Brow Bar

To begin your 20 minutes of bliss, the copper Kansa wand is dipped in a natural oil, before your expert therapist combines lymphatic massage techniques and Marma therapy to work the Kansa wand around your neck and trapezius, releasing knots and tension while draining puffiness and stagnant energy from the body. To hydrate the eye area while conditioning the brows, our Brow & Eye Mask is applied, providing a burst of coconut and rose. While the mask is on the skin, enjoy a deeply relaxing face and scalp massage, helping to increase blood flow, stimulate hair growth and leave skin radiant. The ritual draws to a close with a spritz of calming rosewater and our signature brow pinching massage using the Nourishing Brow Oil.
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