What brow shade am I?

What brow shade am I?

Eyebrows shades can be confusing but are simpler than you think.  BBB is all about less being more but eyebrow colour is essential to bring out the best in them while still looking natural. Blonde Brows really look fabulous a shade darker than hair but as you climb up the shade scale, as hair gets darker, brows should be matched, using colour to fill in gaps and even out brows.

Our advice would be to always go a shade slightly darker than your original brows. To help  you navigate your way through which shade to  use, see the descriptions below.


The lightest of blondes

The colour of the soft brown trees that create the aromatic bark of sandalwood. Perfect for nearly there brows.


Cool blonde 

A warming milky  tea but also  the colour of grey blonde brows looking for a warmth.


Warm blonde

A warmer reddish blonde that help take you to the darker side.


Warm Red

The perfect solution for Red Heads looking for an impact. A warm reddish brown colour to bring out the best of your brows.

Indian Chocolate

Mid brown

A soft chocolaty brown to add coverage and impact to mid brow brows.


A rich dark brown

The dark aromatic spice to add a punch to the darkest of  brown brows (Swatch). This is where matching hair colour rather than going for a shade darker looks more natural. A rich dark brown.


Intense black

the seeds of this spice to help Ebony brows that need to fill in gaps or create coverage. This shade is intense and really only right for those with very dark brown or jet black hair.

Best products for adding colour

Tinted Brow Gel

A natural finish with a hint of colour. Keeps your brows in place all day. Non sticky and infused with Aloe Vera gel, nettle protein and amino acids to help strengthen and condition. Not forgetting hydrating glycerine and vitamin B5 for added strengthening vitamins, ensuring brows are looked after with every wear.

Brow Build Gel

Add texture as well as colour. The perfect grooming tool to make brows look fuller.

Ultimate Arch Definer

The perfect shaping tool.  A slanted tip for creating an arch and filling with a soft Kabuki brush to blend.

Ultra Slim Definer

Slim brows that need filling. A slender tip to fill in sparse brows.

Brow Sculpting Pomade

A light wax to fill and shape brows.

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