Top Brow Tips for New Year’s Preparation

Top Brow Tips for New Year’s Preparation

Why do groomed brows make you feel so much better? It is because the arch gives space between your eyes and brows and lift your cheek bones immediately giving a more sculpted appearance. And remember use this time to care for your brows with softening oil and exfoliation around the brows to encourage growth. This the time to do it.

We may not be going anywhere for New Year but I would describe eyebrow love as a Self Care. Taking care of them and whipping them into some kind of shape just makes you feel groomed. It is easy to let them go but please don’t! Some top tips as follows:


Keep fluff at bay. Tweeze excess brow hairs but try not to play with shape. So easy to do just pull the eye lids down and gently grab the hair by the root and tug gently in the direction of growth.


Once excess hair is out of the way, take a brow tamer and brush your brows up and across. You will immediately spot if the brows feel uneven, gappy, too light or too short.


Take a good eyebrow pencil and fill in any gaps by short strokes where there are gaps. Those more confident might prefer a Pomade which adds instant colour. Apply with a thin slanted brush and flick the colour on in the direction of growth.


Take a good Grooming Gel. If you need to add colour, choose the right tint, either the same shade or one slightly darker. Slick the brows in the direction of growth and lift those arches.

Good brows, good bone structure. You will feel ready for the cosy evening in to see New Year in. Happy New Year!

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