What do your brows say about you?

What do your brows say about you?

What do your eyebrows say about you? It might sound like a silly question, but just like the way you choose to style your hair or the shade of eyeshadow you buff on each morning, brows are just another tool in our beauty armoury that help us present who we are to the world. Here at BBBLondon, we believe in brow individuality; it’s our mission to arm you with the tools and treatments to bring out the best in your brows, however you want them to look. But let’s have some fun: below, we’ve mapped out what your particular brow style might say about you...

Thick eyebrows

Like a slick power suit or assertive red lip, your bold brows are your business card: a signifier of your cool confidence. A clever negotiator, you know what you want and you’re not afraid to go and get it.

Thin brows

This could go one of three ways: you’re a sucker for 90s nostalgia; you’re still living with the fallout of an overzealous tweezer habit in your teens; or you simply love the way super thin brows lend your face an air of elegance.


Bushy eyebrows

You’re a wild child at heart and refuse to follow any set of rules, particularly archaic beauty norms and standards. Fun and lighthearted, just like your brows, you can’t be tamed or held back.


Angular eyebrows

You’re a born leader and a super quick thinker. You like to decode any situation before you jump to a conclusion and as for your wit? It’s almost as sharp as your tweezers.


Rounded eyebrows

Your friends would describe you as a gentle soul and you approach every situation with a softness that’s truly admirable.


Straight eyebrows

Cool, calm and collected, you take time to mull over decisions, whether they’re inconsequential or big life moves, and that’s why everyone is so drawn to you. Basically, you’re the friend everyone goes to for advice.

The question is, did we get it right...?

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