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To tube, or not to tube - that is the question!
Not to be mistaken with the underground tube, we are in fact talking about our remastered, Iconic Tubing mascara
What is it tubing mascara? 
Like a set of lash extensions in a wand, the tubing mascara formulation contains 3D polymers that form a tube-like coating around each lash hair, giving it the 'tubular' name. This clever featherlight coating looks just like natural lashes, only way more defined, with incredible lift and length. Rather than load the lashes in a pigment the tubes coat the lash instead. Once they set they are flexible but do not melt or transfer. In fact there is no caking, clumping or smudging for an impressive 24hrs. 


Tell me more?
With lash health at its core, the whipped formula contains jojoba wax, vitamin E and B to really nourish and help nurture lashes. Better still, it's incredibly easy to remove — no harsh rubbing required. Simply splash the eyes with warm water a few times and the tubes will melt off with little more than a gentle wipe of the fingertips. An all round much gentler option, making tubing mascara perfect for sensitive eyes.


What's new about it?
Alongside the original (and much-loved) mascara formulation, for 2022 we’ve added an incredible new brush that maximises on its lengthening and lifting abilities. Designed to our exact requirements, the flexible moulded brush head hugs the contour of the eye, using a mixture of long and short bristles to build and create definition exactly where it is wanted. The tapered tip comes in handy too, catching every single lash — even the tiny ones.


If you are looking for a dramatic lash lift with incredible hold, that won't budge all day, the Iconic Tubing Mascara should definitely be on your shopping list! 
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