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BBBLondon X Future Dreams Brow Palette

Long-wear brow powder with mapping tools

50% of all proceeds from this product will go towards support, awareness and research into secondary breast cancer.


Chai – Cool Blonde

Product Details

Difficulty filling and shaping your brows? When brow hairs are sparse to none, it can be hard to get the right length and volume. Our new limited edition, Dream Brow palette in collaboration with cancer charity, Future Dreams, comes with a combination of colours to blend and a stencil to help find your shape, ensuring that drawing eyebrows is kept simple and effortless. At BBB London, we understand the importance that brows can have in building self confidence and are donating 50% to Future Dreams, a charity dedicated to helping those who have been touched by breast cancer.

Taj Giles, Managing Director at Blink Brow Bar, was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Due to chemotherapy, she lost most of her hair and eyebrows.

Taj explains, “I continued to work and quickly found a solution for my hair, but I hadn’t thought about my eyebrows. Fortunately, I’m in the right business and found the Dream Brows palette. It’s so easy to use and the stencil helped to create a brow when I had nothing to work with. The product delivered a smooth, natural look that withstood the constant hot flushes I experienced throughout the day.”

Taj continues, “There are so many traumatic changes in your life when dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis and undergoing treatment, losing your brows shouldn’t be one of them. Even now that my brows are growing back, the Dream Brow palette continues to be my daily go-to product for brows. You can’t underestimate the importance of brows in building self-confidence!”

Available in two shades:

Light/Medium - For Blonde/Light Brown Brows
Medium/Dark - For Dark Brown/Black Brows