The ultimate treatment to soothe and reset both body and mind, the Kansa Massage uses centuries old Ayurvedic techniques on the marma points on the face and head to restore energy chakras and release tension. Key to the treatment is the Kansa wand, an ancient Indian tool that encourages drainage of toxins through the lymphatic system; it also balances the skin’s pH, reduces irritation and puffiness, and improves elasticity. Thanks to increased blood circulation to the skin and scalp, skin looks healthier and more radiant, hair growth and strength are stimulated, and shoulders feel immediately looser and less hunched.


Your 20 minutes of bliss begins with the dipping of the copper Kansa in a natural Ayurvedic oil. Using lymphatic massage techniques, the wand is rhythmically worked around your neck and trapezius to release knots and tension and drain puffiness and stagnant energy from the body. To hydrate the eye area and condition the brows, our soothing coconut and rose Brow & Eye Mask is applied. While the mask works its magic, enjoy a deeply relaxing face and scalp massage designed to increase blood flow, stimulate hair growth and leave skin radiant. The ritual draws to a close with a spritz of calming rosewater and our signature Brow Pinching Massage using the Nourishing Brow Oil.