Eid al-Adha: Get Your Brows & Lashes Eid Ready

Eid al-Adha: Get Your Brows & Lashes Eid Ready

With Eid al-Adha around the corner, millions of Muslims around the world are preparing to come together as a community to reflect, practice gratitude and of course - celebrate with friends & family.
From beautiful brows to dressing to impress, getting ready is an essential Eid ritual that deserves its own celebration. Here's our top treatment recommendations and product picks to level up your look and have you feeling your very best this Eid.

Brows are where we begin.

Groomed brows are the basis of your beauty routine. From a simple eyebrow shape with our expert threading therapists, to creating Instagram-worthy brows with the help of lamination, finding your perfect brow treatment can effortlessly elevate your look for the festive season.
For brows that need a quick tidy and added definition, a Brow Shape & Tint is the perfect place to start. Allow our skilled therapists to frame your face with precise threading, while adding depth of colour with a hint of glossy tint.
If the illustrious full, fluffy brow is your desired brow look this Eid, Brow Lamination can offer dramatic results. Designed to straighten and smooth even the unruliest of brows, this non-invasive treatment allows brow hairs to be brushed up, appearing thicker and fuller. Results last up to 6 weeks, so expect brow compliments throughout Eid celebrations and beyond.

Luscious Lashes

A beautiful lash is an essential part of Eid preparations. From lifting and tinting to semi-permanent extensions, take your lash look to the next level with our expert treatments.
To make natural lashes look longer and fuller while opening the eye area, a Dream Lash Lift is your go-to. Pair with a Lash Tint to add definition and impact. It's your lashes, but better.
For full, fluttery lashes perfect for any occasion, Semi-Permanant Lash extensions can elevate any eye look. Choose from Flirty, Half-Set or Full Set, and allow our expert lash technicians to create elegant length, volume and drama.


Take a moment for reflection and gratitude this Eid while enjoying a wellness ritual, perfect for relaxing and unwinding on the lead up to the busy festive period. 
Unravel feelings of stress and tension while hydrating the delicate eye area with the Kansa Head & Face Massage. This ancient ritual harnesses the naturally healing benefits of the copper Kansa Wand, along with marma therapy to encourage lymphatic detox, release tension and balance energy. Including a hydrating Brow & Eye Mask, this 20 minute treatment reduces puffiness and restores glow.

The Brow Basics

Brows are basic, but you're not. Get Eid ready at home using our tried and tested products to shape, groom and nourish.
Ultimate Brow Arch Definer
The ultimate brow companion; the clever triangular-shaped nib makes light work of carving out a defined yet realistic-looking brow arch, while the pointed tip draws on feathery hair-like strokes.
Conceal & Lift
The brow product you never knew you needed (but can't live without), this dual- benefit concealer and highlighter adds instant polish and brow definition, while lifting the brow area for a wide-awake look.
Clear Brow Gloss
Brush your brows into position and enjoy 14 hours of staying power with a healthy, high-shine finish. Use alone for a groomed brow look, or on top of your usual brow pencil or pomade for added hold and shine.
Nourishing Brow Oil
When the festivities draw to a close, give your brows the TLC they deserve with our nourishing overnight brow treatment, while enjoying a moment of relaxation thanks to its mind-soothing aroma.
However you choose to prepare, we hope that you and your families enjoy the celebration.
Eid Mubarak from all of us at Blink Brow Bar!
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