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Kansa Head & Face Massage

20 minutes



What is Kansa?

Kansa massage is an ancient ritual used in Ayurveda to balance and restore energy chakras. Whilst we know massage can stimulate blood flow, the added benefit of using a kansa wand and working on the marma points to flush out the lymph nodes is detoxifying and purifying. Blink Brow Bar brings to you an ancient ritual focused on the head and face combining akansa wand and marma therapy that works on lymphatic detox, releases tension and balances energy.


What are the benefits? 

Kansa Head Massage promotes balance and energy release by stimulating the blood circulation and marma points around the scalp, this will strengthen hair & promote growth.

All whilst aiding relaxation, enhancing mood and alleviating stress.

Kansa Face Massage promotes a natural facelift as it massages the vital marma points on the face, activates blood flow and balances the energy chakra's. Th&ansa wand assists with lymphatic drainage and flushes out toxins, whilst also calming, rejuvenating and balances your skins pH levels. Its cooling qualities help remove puffiness whilst the copper helps with reducing wrinkles and increasing the skin's elasticity.