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Winter calls for extra brow nourishment  - your 2-step daily ritual

January 06, 2023

Winter calls for extra brow nourishment - your 2-step daily ritual

At Blink, we believe you should care for your brows in the same way you care for you skin. And chilly winter months call for extra nourishment – morning and evening. Our 2-step beauty regime will enhance your routine with a new daily ritual to nourish, grow and boost your brows. Think of it as self-care for your face.   
Step 1  
Boost By Day 

 Give your brows a little morning pick-me-up with our game-changing Brow Boost serum. Whether it was over-tweezing in the 90s, or stress wreaking havoc with hormones, sparse brows are one of the main brow concerns for our clients. Our long-term solution is here to help with all that by strengthening and your conditioning brows. The best bit? Clinical trials showed that participants saw a difference in Brows after 4 weeks of use, with 80% saying brows hairs had grown after 8 weeks. 

  Every formula needs a superhero ingredient and for supercharged brows it’s our skin-friendly, hardworking Rovisome Biotin Active. An exceptional combination of Vitamin H (biotin), Vitamin F (Linoleic Acid), Vitamin E and provitamin B5 (Panthenol) along with caffeine, argan oil and coconut oil, all making for one highly effective blend.  Additionally, there’s the added benefits of Hyaluronic Acid, helping to stimulate hair growth along with locking in moisture, and the soothing and healing qualities of Turmeric and Thyme. 
Once you’ve completed your usual skincare regime, brush this highly effective blend of ingredients through your brows every morning before your favourite brow product.  They’ll feed right into the hair shaft and follicles to improve the appearance and condition of your brows in terms of thickness, fullness and density. 
Step 2
  Nourish By Night

 Healthy well looked after brows are key to that fuller brow look, we all know and love, so keeping your brows nourished and hydrated daily with a brow oil is key. This nourishing oil blend contains organic sweet almond and rosemary oils to care for precious brow hairs, while lavender and sandalwood calm and balance, creating the best conditions for brow growth.   

 We’ve also added in a mind-soothing aroma (trust us, it’s like a fancy spa in a bottle) and it all comes funnelled into a handy rollerball that takes the mess out of the application.  

Apply the product as a final step to your skin care routine right before you go to bed. Also, it doubles up as a relaxation aid. Simply roll over the temples to help you drift off – perfect for the final flourish to your evening routine.





Show your lashes some love

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