My Brow Journey - Caroline Issa

My Brow Journey - Caroline Issa

At Blink Brow Bar, we love connecting with our community through our shared (brow) stories. And we realise every brow journey is completely unique. Your first foray into brow maintenance might have come at the insistence of your mother (as it did for our founder Vanita Parti), or perhaps it was one fateful sleepover during which a friend got a little too tweezer- happy on your brows that has resulting in you spending your adult years trying to grow them back. Whatever your story, we’ve made it our mission to deliver the brow treatments and products you need to continue on your own brow journey. 


 We were lucky enough that Caroline Issa, CEO and fashion director of Tank, long-time fan and client of BBB London and the owner of a particularly stylish set of brows, decided to share the story of her brow journey with us.

Here's our top tips to help you create your own brow journey.


Did you know that it was BBB London that first made threading widely accessible to Brits? No wonder Caroline trusts us with her brows!

Threading is the most accurate way to remove brow hairs, enabling our trained brow artists to sculpt defined and lifted brows in a matter of minutes. A long piece of thread is twisted across the brow, plucking out unwanted hairs from the root, leaving behind a smooth, precise finish.

Brow Pinching

A must-have addition to our other brow treatments, brow pinching is a massage for the brow area. The perfect wellbeing trick, it targets key pressure points around the orbital bone to leave you feeling rebalanced and energised. Better still, the act of pinching boosts circulation and lymph drainage, leaving you with brighter eyes and firmer skin, too.

  Tinted Brow Gel

 Loved by both Caroline and Vanita, BBB London Tinted Brow Gel is the ultimate brow groomer. Completely fuss-free and easy to use, the tiny brush head enables you to precisely sweep brow hairs in pigmented gel, adding definition, volume, colour and hold in a single stroke. It won’t leave brows feeling crispy but what it will do is lift them up and in turn, make your eyes appear wider and your cheekbones a little higher.

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Brow Build Gel

Like our Tinted Brow Gel just with the extra addition of hair-like fibres. As you apply our Brow Build Gel, these fibres cling to existing hairs, making brows appear fuller, denser and fluffier.

Clear Brow Gloss

A brow gel without the colour, our Clear Brow Gloss adds a megawatt sheen to brow hairs, helping them to not only look stronger and healthier, but actually become stronger and healthier, thanks to the inclusion of brow nourishing ingredients like marsupium bark extract and vitamin E.

 Ultra Slim Brow Definer 2.0

The teeny, tiny (retractable) nib of this eyebrow pencil makes it easy to draw on realistic-looking hairs to fill in any gaps or sparse patches throughout the brows. Either use it alone, or alongside one of our brow gels for full definition and longevity. 

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