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What is this treatment?
Why is threading so amazing? A long piece of thread is simply twisted to glide along the bottom of your brow and catch the excess brow hairs as it does so. It takes every hair out by the root, it is precise as you can guide the thread to exactly where it needs to go, you can draw the perfect line with the thread as you remove hair so that it leaves a smooth finish.

Blink Brow Bar was the first to make threading accessible to the Brits – we put brows on the map. Why did it take off? Threading is the most accurate and precise way to remove the tiny brow hairs to create a brow shape that is wow and balances your face shape. The right lift under the brow arch lifts the eyes and is an immediate anti-ageing boost – some would say a mini face lift and all in 15 minutes.
























What can I expect?
You will need to fill out a consultation card followed by a consultation with the therapist. You will then be ‘threaded’ and show a mirror during the treatment to ensure you are happy with the shape. After the treatment, you will be treated to a mini brow and head massage.

What are the Results?
Because of the ability to guide the thread, you can ensure that the eyebrows are as symmetrical as possible. It also ensures the smallest of hairs are removed so that you are fuzz free. The thread also allows for precision when shaping which in turn results in a perfectly positioned arch and shape of brow.

Can anyone have it?
Yes, as long as there are hairs to remove. The fuller the eyebrows, the better. The therapists then have a clear canvas to worth with. If you have sensitive skin, ensure you have time after for the redness to subside. 

How long will it last?
This depends on your hair growth cycle, but we would say an average of 3/4 weeks. 

How do I prepare for this treatment?  
If it is the first time, you may wish to pop in for a trial to ensure that your skin won’t be too sensitive to threading. Otherwise try not to wear makeup, enjoy the treatment and the 1-minute massage (the best part of all).

No make-up, hot showers, direct sunlight and further treatments 24 hours after the treatment.

I have found my comfort zone in monthly threading sessions at my beloved Blink Brow Bar. It’s the one beauty treatment that I’m fastidious about and will never miss.


Which treatment can I combine it with?

Threading can go perfectly with any treatment to enhance your brows or lashes. It is the foundation of beauty and the perfect platform from other beauty treatments. The most common treatment is a tint which is done prior to threading to enhance colour

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