New Year Reset: Brows Are Where You Begin with Vanita Parti

New Year Reset: Brows Are Where You Begin with Vanita Parti

As we enter the New Year, Blink Brow Bar Founder, Vanita Parti, shares her favourite wellbeing practices to kick-start the year ahead. Of course, we begin with brows.

"It’s what we always promise ourselves, that we shred calories, forsake alcohol, and maybe meditate. But the dark days linger without the prospect of a warming glass of merlot or the social chatter with friends and a promise that all will be dealt with later. The date has arrived, the 1st of January and the only way that I can approach it is in bite size pieces. I treat myself to what I consider to the basics of good beauty and good health.

Well, of course I am going to say it starts with brows. Once the doors of our brow bars swing open in early January and most of the world is still hibernating from life, I take the opportunity to get a Brow Shape (not always as easy as you would think), but instead of running in and out while rushing to the next meeting or event, I book out a few hours to enjoy the treatment that I know will reset my face.

I will probably book into our new brow boutique on Motcomb Street, a twinkly store that sits halfway along the cobbled mews in Belgravia. I chose this destination to service many of our Harvey Nichols customers, who have missed our presence. I might revisit my brow shape; do I want it a little thinner and more arched, which help lift my cheekbones and give me a more angular finish? Alternatively, I can keep them more rounded which gives me a youthful appearance. Whichever I choose, I know that no matter how basic brow care may seem, it will be a fundamental part of my New Year reset. Since I started the business, brows were a secret, not to be discussed and now I am delighted that we women have realised that this should also be their first pitstop when looking to feel renewed and ready.

Vanita Blink Brow Bar

We catered for busy shoppers but have found, since the pandemic, our customers, want more relaxing environments. The interiors of our six brow boutiques have been carefully curated so that each store is unique but very much a version of Blink. The first version was to create a home from home, where the first home is India, and the second home is the UK. The eclectic feel comes from the vintage pieces of furniture that are individually sources, some from markets in Mumbai and Delhi. The burning Sandalwood Candle, stories of Indian beauty heritage and Rose infused Chai combine to transport our customers to India in a short space of time.

Beauty is so much more than just a treatment, it’s a feeling internally of tranquillity and balance.

That will be my second stop, vinyasa yoga. I discovered this slow flow version of yoga during lockdown when I was lucky enough to know a friend, Laura Colluci, who was running classes online. She started at an easy pace as I wasn’t even able to stretch to my knees and my downward facing dog looked like wonky version of her sharp inverted triangle. Over time, I have gained strength and my now teacher, Daria teaches a community in a church. As the evenings got colder and the skies darker, I almost bowed out, but the growing feeling of strength and elongation was a pull and will remain a pull in January.

My third stop will indulge in more facials. I barely have time, or tell myself that I don’t. The fundamentals of our Brow Pinching Massage have taught me that if we don’t kick start our hair follicles and collagen into exercising, they are likely to sit like couch potatoes on our face. All our muscles, whether on our body, or our face are begging to be kneaded, pinched and soothed. Our Brow and Eye Mask have been such a hit. Post brow treatment, the wafer-thin bamboo lets its contents of hyaluronic acid, caffeine and vitamins seep into those sluggish lymph nodes. While the therapists gently press on marma points (energy points in the face) and then swirl their hands around the face in motions of eight, the rose and coconut oil gently infuse and the skin glows with colour and clarity.

And the most prized possession for the most drying of all months will be my Nourishing Brow Oil. Rosemary soaked in organic almond oil will in turn soak into my brows, wrapping them like a warm coat to keep them glowing in the cold of January.

So come and join me in 2024 for a Rose Chai, a brow shape, perhaps some yoga but definitely a brow glow up. It’s a luxury but it is also fundamentally basic."

- Vanita Parti, Blink Brow Bar Founder

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