Tinted Brow Gel

Buildable colour, natural hold, high shine

A miniscule wand loaded with slightly glossy tinted gel to slick brows into shape, with natural actives to keep brows conditioned and cared for.


Chai – Cool Blonde

Product Details

Best for brows that have a mind of their own. Brows you wish were a little darker. Brows that need direction and shape.

The easiest way to groom brows, Tinted Brow Gel uses a tiny micro brush sturdy enough to catch each and every hair and small enough to precisely manoeuvre brows into position. As for inside the tube, the non-sticky, slightly glossy gel sets hairs exactly where you want them without rendering brows stiff or flaky. Consider it brow gel 2.0. It contains buildable colour pigments, but also a strengthening and hydrating concoction of aloe vera, nettle protein, amino acids, vitamin B5 and glycerine. Use alone for effortless grooming or in tandem with Ultra Slim Definer or Ultimate Arch Definer for added intensity. FYI: long time lovers of our Brow Styling Gel, this is simply the same formula, reinvented.

What's inside

Aloe Vera


Vitamin B5

Adds Shine

Nettle Protein

Stimulates Growth



How to use

  1. Step 1

    Brush the wand through the brows for definition and style.

  2. Step 2

    Repeat application if a stronger tint is required.


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