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Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

What is this treatment?
A highly effective re-energising massage using pressure points around the head, neck and shoulders to alleviate stress in only 20 minutes.

BBBLondon is all about a quick fix for time starved women. We understand that you may wish for a quick respite from the day, and we offer some wonderfully short but effective soothing treatments to rebalance. Our treatments are all based on Ayurvedic principles and designed around recognising marma therapy as key pressure points. By focusing on these, we can release energy, balance and improve circulation. A truly relaxing deep head, neck and shoulder massage, BBBLondon is a welcome escape from busy everyday life.




What can I expect?
Please note that a light oil will be used, it is used sparingly as it is needed to apply the necessary pressure.

What are the results?
Pressure is applied to the marma points to relieve tension, improve circulation and leave you feeling free of knots, stress and pain in the shoulders, upper back and head.

How long is the treatment?
The treatment is 25 minutes with a five-minute consultation. The appointment time is 30 minutes in total.

Can anyone have it?
Yes. A deep, relaxing massage to restore and balance energy.

How do I prepare for this treatment?
There is nothing to do but relax. Avoid wearing clothes that you may be worried about getting oil on.

Which Treatment can I combine it with?

It goes perfectly well with an Eyebrow Thread and Tint or an Eye Soother.

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