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Lash Extensions

What is this treatment?

Semi-Permanent Lash extensions are single lashes that are added to your actual lashes, with glue to add length and volume.

Russian Express Lashes are made up of multiple fine synthetic mink lashes, pre fanned to achieve a full volume, lightweight, Russian effect in an instant.




Full Set



Half Set





£1 per lash




Dramatic Set



Natural Set


£1 per fan

Extra Layer



Lash Removal Service

What can I expect?
Semi-Permanent Lash extensions You will be able to relax while the therapist places gel eye pads below your eyes and then asks you to close your eyes. Lashes will be gently attached with tweezers to your actual lashes to give fullness and length. Russian Express Lashes The pre fanned Russian lashes are attached on your natural lashes to create extra flutter, coverage and fullness.

What are the results?
Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions offers elegant long lashes which look very natural, the thickness, curl and length of the lashes are varied according to each individual. Russian Lashes leave a fuller and more dramatic look.

How long is the treatment?
Semi-Permanent Lash extensions can take 1 – 2 hours, subject to a half set or full set of lashes applied. Russian Express Lashes take 1 hour, if you require additional fans then allow 90 minutes.

Can anyone have it?
Yes, but you will need to have a patch test to ensure that you do not have an allergy to the glue

How do I prepare for this treatment?
Book in for the patch test 48 hours prior to the day you wish to have the treatment. If you are having an eyelash tint, please note this will require a separate patch test. You can book these in together. If you wear lenses, you may prefer to wear glasses on the day as you will be required to remove the lenses. Avoid make up if you can. Especially waterproof mascara, this can act as a barrier to the treatment.

First 24 hours are important, lashes should be treated with care; avoid touching them to allow the lashes to settle. No water should come into contact with the eyelashes for 24 hours. Avoid rubbing, picking, extreme temperatures such as steam, sauna and sleeping on them. Swimming is fine, but wearing goggles is recommended. Do not use oily make up remover or mascara – you won’t need it!

Which Treatment can I combine it with?

It goes perfectly well with a Lash Tint to darken and eyebrow shape to define both brows and lashes.

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