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What is this treatment?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup, the technique consists of creating fine hair like strokes into the skin with a handheld tool, which is then filled with pigment. With its precise application, Microblading creates a supernatural finish that delivers long lasting results. The handheld tool allows the therapist to draw in detail on each brow simulating real hairs and is widely regarded as the best latest technique in semi-permanent eyebrow  make up.

If you want to cover gaps, define or fill-in over plucked brows or replace barely there brows, Microblading is a fantastic option. The process is not painful, but you may feel slight discomfort.

The procedure is created in 3 stages:

  • Step 1. The Consultation – 30 minutes, £50 (non-refundable deposit)

  • Step 2. The Treatment – 2 hours, £450

  • Step 3. The Top Up – 2 hours

We also offer a Microblading Refresh treatment in 2 stages for annual maintenance:

  • Step 4. Annual Consultation  – 30 mins, £50 (non-refundable deposit)

  • Step 5. Refresh Treatment – 2 hours, £200

Microblading is exclusively available in our Ledbury Road boutique.



£0 (Free)

STEP 1. The Consultation – 30 minutes


What can I expect?
First step is the consultation. This is where you go through all your medical and general health history with the therapist. Then you thoroughly discuss your brows with your therapist establishing what you require from your new brows who roughly sketches an outline with pencil to show you a suggested shape with a thread and tint to set the template. At this point you will also be given a scratch patch test with the blade and pigment and will be advised on how to patch test and administer the numbing cream. To find out more about Microblading in action from a first-hand experience check out our blog post here

How long does it last?
Your new brows will last up to 18 months after which they start fading – to keep them endless make sure you get a touch up every 12 months.

What are the results?
Beautifully precise, flawless and naturally fuller looking brows

How long is the treatment?
The treatment is completed in 3 appointments. The consultation is 30 minutes, the Treatment and the Top Up both take 2 hours each. In total you need to give 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Can anyone have it?
Microblading requires a thorough consultation to decide whether you are able to have this treatment, understanding why you are opting for this treatment as well as medical history and general health.

How do I prepare for this treatment?
Book in for the patch test 48 hours prior to the day you wish to have the treatment. Please note that you need to purchase numbing cream to use to ease the sensation of hair like stroked being created as part of the treatment. We do not recommend that you progress without numbing cream.

Keep brows dry and avoid getting them wet, do not touch, scratch or pick the brows whilst they are healing. Avoid wearing make up until the brows have fully healed. Avoid sun exposure and all heat treatments during the healing process.

Which Treatment can I combine it with?

It goes perfectly well with an Eyebrow Thread and Tint. Please note that a separate patch test is required for the tint.

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