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What is this treatment?

Add definition to your brows and lashes by tinting them with semi-permanent dye to allow them to make a statement and frame your face. A little colour goes a long way and can open up the eyes, enhance their colour and give the oomph. A discrete difference that makes a huge impact. 

A Tint is a quick treatment where a shade is chosen that is usually slightly darker than your original hair colour to give some impact for nearly there brows and lashes or just those that need to be evened out, or need grey coverage. 








What can I expect?
After a consultation, dye will be mixed and applied to the brows. Depending on the depth of colour required, the dye will be left on for a few minutes and then wiped off with cotton pads. Tinting lashes will take a little longer, where a pre-shaped paper is laid below the eyes, the eyes remain closed, and the lashes are painted with dye. The dye is left on for 10 minutes before being removed to reveal darker lashes. The perfect substitute for mascara, especially on holiday

What are the results?
Brows and lashes with more impact.

How long is the treatment?
Brow tinting takes 5 minutes and Lash tinting takes 10 minutes.

Can anyone have it?
Yes. However, a patch test is required to ensure that you are not allergic to the tint used.

How do I prepare for this treatment?
Book in for the patch test 48 hours prior to the day you wish to have the treatment. If you wear lenses, you may prefer to wear glasses on the day if you are having your lashes tinted as you will required to remove the lenses.

How Long does it last?
The tint will last up to 2 - 4 weeks. As the natural hairs grow through you will lose the tint.

If you only have a tint, there’s minimal aftercare needed. Avoid direct sunlight as this can have a bleaching effect and stringent make up removers to prolong the wear.

Which Treatment can I combine it with?

It goes perfectly well with threading to give a complete eye and lash look.

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