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About us

A great pair of brows is more than just a great pair of brows. A small but mighty detail that can make the difference between blending in and standing out, at Blink Brow Bar we live, breathe and believe in the transformational power of brows.

Our mission

Established by founder Vanita Parti in 2004, Blink Brow Bar was
created as a solution to the lack of expert threading services in London. A Londoner but having spent time in India, where basic brow care is a built-in part of every Indian woman’s beauty routine, Vanita sought to share the secret of the ancient Indian art of threading with British women. Blink fast became the leading authority on brows in the process and, quite literally, changed the face of brow care forever.

At the time, threading was a completely unchartered territory; I knew it would take the industry by storm as eyebrows were an after-thought but so important. We needed to show people what a difference groomed eyebrows made with shaping and products.

Vanita Parti MBE

Founder of BBB


Because we believe in stripping beauty back to basics and arming you with everything you need to get it right, we’ve created a collection of 17-strong efficient, easy-to-use products inspired by our ancient Indian roots. Think of it as that all-encompassing kit to instil pride back into your brows, in a few simple steps.

Functional, foolproof and containing a selective edit of high-quality ingredients that transform and take care of brows and lashes. A ritual for brows is as essential as a ritual for the skin, so we tap into the heritage of threading and brow care so you can get the best out of yours.

Charities we support

Blink are proud to support charities close to their heart.

Future Dreams

Since 2019, Blink Brow Bar has been committed to supporting Future Dreams, a Breast Cancer Charity providing practical, emotional and psychological support, as well as funding vital research for those diagnosed with breast cancer.

Every month, Blink Brow Bar hosts brow workshops at the Future Dreams House - the only dedicated breast cancer support centre in the UK and the hub for all in-person and online support services.

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A charity based in Delhi, set up by Rita Paniker, that supports street kids, through mobile education, shelters, crisis phone lines and transit homes. Vanita felt touched when visiting the transit shelter in Delhi by the number of children who had lost their family through trafficking, abuse or simply travelling for work and needed support to find them again.

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Beauty Backed

Vanita is on the Advisory Board to help to support those that have struggled during Lockdown and need financial help to rebuild their businesses.


Join Founder of Blink Brow Bar, Vanita Parti, as she talks with inspirational entrepreneurs across beauty, lifestyle and beyond, uncovering their paths to success and the challenges along the way. Everyone has a brow story, let's unravel it.